• The Company

    Rhino Sugar Corporation is the allocation holder with headquarter in Dubai, UAE and cooperates with sugar refineries in Brazil.

    Rhino Sugar Corp. is the world’s leading sugar supplier to food and drink manufacturers in the Middle East and Africa, and the business provider over 7 ,6million tonnes of sugar. Due to the refineries’ convinience location the Company can easily service markets in North America, West-Africa, and Asia. Exports are also done to destinations around the Mediterranean, Middle East and the Balkans.

    Rhino Sugar Corporation represents two of the biggest sugar refinaries in Brazil.

  • Vision

    Rhino Sugar Corporation’s vision is to serve the best our customers by providing the highest quality different types of the refined sugar at the best price.

  • Mission

    The mission of National Sugar Company is to be the supplier of the highest quality refined sugar:

    • At most competitive prices;
    • In the required package sizes;
    • In timely way;
    • By operating on the highest level of sugar industry standards and world class procedures.
  • Environmental concern

    Corporate responsibility is part of everything we do. It is our commitment to apply knowledge and
    experience to help meet complex economic, environmental and social challenges wherever we do business.Rhino Sugar Corp. recognized the importance of protecting the environment while conducting its business. RSC believes that caring for the environment is not only an ethical and legal obligation, but also a mechanism for success.
    Environmental issues is a high priority of the refinery which RSC cooperates with.


We serve the world wide consumption and industrial markets.

Furthermore, the Company plans to deliver more specialized type of sugar product in the near future.

Sales and marketing

Rhino Sugar Corp. enjoys considerable market share through authorized agents in the following markets:

We have established supply contracts with international customers in the Middle East and Africa. These contracts are supported through our international quality certifications.

Quality control

Rhino Sugar Corp. with the cooperation of the sugar refinaries maintains a state of the art laboratory staffed with qualified, experienced team to ensure the quality and safety of its products, from production to final product. To ensure the quality of final product and input materials the following analyses are carried out according to ICUMSA (International Commission of Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis):
Microbiological laboratory:
This laboratory is used to control our product and process water by detecting any presence of bacteria that may cause potential harm. All Sugar Refinaries in Brazil keep control over all steps of the process starting with receiving the raw sugar to refined sugar packaging by using international standards for microbiological limits.
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